Prank Musical Card

Prank Musical Card
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Let's face it, we all know someone who has made our day a bigger hassle than it needed to be. This prank "musical" card is perfect for such an occasion. Once the recipient opens the envelope and removes the card, the sound of applause begins to play and will not stop playing until the card is destroyed. The battery life will last about three hours, so of course they could decide to wait it out if they had true will power. But I doubt that many people could tolerate being applauded for that length of time!

The original version of the card comes with a cheeky message on the cover and is priced at only ten Australian dollars. There are two different upgrades available. For fifteen AUD, you can upgrade the card to include a hefty handful of glitter to spill out when the recipient opens it to add to the quirky message and applause. The second upgrade is the option to personalize the message to say whatever you want, as this would be impossible to do on your own without the card beginning to play and ruining all the fun. The latter is only thirteen AUD.

Delivery for this ultimate gag gift takes between one and three weeks. The best part? The person you send the card to will only know if you tell them. There is anonymity upon ordering. Did your boss make you stay two hours past your shift on a day you got called in to cover for someone else on the weekend? Glitter card them with a gift that keeps clapping to let them know what a good job they're doing! Whoever you send the card to will either laugh or be annoyed, but the good part is that you can keep it a secret.

There is no worry about the card being set off in the mail on its way to the recipient either. The cards have been tested multiple times to ensure that it will only make a sound once it is removed from the envelope. No, the mail carrier won't be driven crazy while they deliver this card. Perhaps they would if they opened it, though!

I wholeheartedly believe that this card is the perfect prank. Many of us have been pranked or given a card that plays music, but I never would have thought to put the two together and prank someone else! Payments for the card are done through Stripe, a secure and trusted payment method.

Still not sure if this card is a good idea? Check out the site and be sure to watch the video so you can experience the prank beforehand. There is no need to worry about a thing. Payment is secure and the card is anonymous unless you decide to personalize it to have it signed by your name. My favorite feature is the glitter upgrade. Similar to a glitter bomb, except there is no risk of injury. Just a big mess to clean up for the recipient!