Couch Guest Book

Couch Guest Book
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The Couch Guest Book is the ideal housewarming gift for the person in your life that loves lounging on their sofa, and inviting company to do the same. Interactive and unique, the lighthearted gift will continue to bring laughs and smiles to both the recipients and their future guests with engaging prompts for more than their signature.

Fun and function combined in one affordable gift, the Couch Guest book is a small 112 page hardcover book bound in a lush brown with gold gilded lettering that makes the tongue in cheek book look quite official and inviting. Consider giving a stately fountain or other such fancy writing utensil along with the book, to complete the overall guest book experience.

Every guest is given two full pages of notes to leave, charts to doodle, and grades to assign. From rating their host’s level of “couch potato” prowess, to simply leaving the date and time of an important visit with a love one; there is plenty of space for every person gracing the owner’s couch for a long time will be able to leave a memorable entry.

Some visitors, however, are going to fill out some of the more complicated prompts incorrectly. Others may skip the prompts entirely and make the pages provided entirely their own. Whether or not the exact rules are followed, the purpose of this humorous housewarming gift is to create and capture memories. The recipient of the Couch Guest Book is able to look back at every person they've had over since the book was given to them, creating ongoing enjoyment and memorability.

Even though some of the instructions can seem complicated for guest book standards, the Couch Guest Book is an enjoyably unique way to encourage house guests to hang out on the couch and make their mark.