Hot Dog Toaster

Hot Dog Toaster
$24.99 on Amazon
Are you watching a game at home? Here is what you need:

1.A decent size TV;
2.A bunch of friends;
3.Nostalgia’s Hot Dog Toaster!

Yes, your team is winning (and even your deaf neighbor knows about it!), the bottles are still ice cold; you reach for the bowl of chips, but…it’s empty. We’ve got you covered! You are just two steps away – well, two buns and hot dogs, actually – from enjoying your evening to the fullest! Just plug your toaster in, pop in the buns and hot dogs and enjoy the deliciousness of simple yet fulfilling meal seconds after!

Not really a sports fan? You’ll still love this Hot Dog Toaster! It’s a solution to a quick and easy breakfast, simple lunch or, if you are a true hot dog lover, even a dinner!

Have kids? They will be delighted to have their own Hot Dog Toaster in the kitchen! Also, they’ll love the bright Coca Cola design!

Friends are coming over, but you have nothing in the fridge? No problem at all! In a matter of minutes, a fun and satisfying snack will be on the table!

This toaster has adjustable heat controls, so you can have your hot dogs just the way you like it! Not only you can enjoy your perfectly crisp hot dogs within minutes, you can also clean up super fast due to removable basket and a drip tray. Do not worry about burning your fingers either – special mini tongs are included with this purchase, so you can catch a hot dog and put it on your plate safely. But beware - with Nostalgia Toaster, your hot dogs will never sit on your plate for too long!

Great as a gift and for everyday use, this Hot Dog Toaster will quickly become your favorite tool in the kitchen – maybe even quicker that you can squeeze mustard on that mouthwatering hot dog!