Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Jar

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Be the mother (or father) of dragons, take over Westeros, reclaim your rightful place on the Iron Throne, have your dragons breath, burning and laying waste to all who stand against you, raining fairy destruction down on their-, wait what? There's not an actually dragon inside? Oh. Never mind.

Alright so apparently this Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Jar does not come complete with its own dragon. Probably an oversight on the part of the manufacturers. But that's alright. You can fill it with something nearly as good.

What's as good as a dragon? Candy of course. This egg would make an excellent candy jar. Alternatively you could use it to store some of your favorite pieces of jewelry or a keepsake of great sentimental value. You could even use it as a place to put the ring when you propose to that special someone who loves you more than anything else in the world. Except Game of Thrones of course. Because Game of Thrones beats everything, plus their dragon eggs always come with a dragon inside.

This egg is a lovely green color and is made out of ceramic. Since it is intended for a wide array of uses, including acting as a cookie jar, it is intended to be cleanable without the color washing away.

It weights very nearly one pound and is about eight and one half inches tall. It is modeled after the egg that hatches the emerald green dragon Rhaegal, one of the three eggs given to Daenerys Targaryen by Magister Illyrio on the day of her marriage to Drogo.

Whether youโ€™re giving it as a gift, want to do some cos playing, decorating your room or throwing a Game of Thrones marathon-watching party, this egg will always add a sense of Westeros wherever it is. So unleash the dragon!