Platform 9 3/4 Decal

Platform 9 34 Decal
$26.00 on Amazon
A world of magic
lies just beyond your bedroom door
and you can pass through
if you know what you're looking for.

Place it on and step inside.
One by one we all step through
to the place where we all ride
magic trains to magic school!

I have read every single Harry Potter book, and I loved them all. I remember going to book parties when a new book would be released. I dressed up as Ron because I have red hair. I absolutely love the Harry Potter book series. They are a very fun, imaginative, creative, engaging, and easy read.

I like a nice light read. Something that is easy to ready after a day of work is what I look for. The Harry Potter series is just that. If you haven't read them, you simply must.

Unlike the book series, I am not a big fan of the movies. Of the ones that I watched, I thought they were just "OK". I just think it's so hard to capture the witt and engagement that is found in the books into a 2 or 3 hour movie.

The platform 9 3/4 wall decal is a wonderful gift for someone like me... a Harry Potter fan. I'd love to hang this up in my office or in the toy room. It has character and brings a nice feeling of fun to a room. The printing looks to be of high quality.

One of the nice things about wall decals is that you don't have to glue them up or anything like that. They come with a light adhesive on the back that can stick to any flat surface. It's pretty, dare I say, magical!

The picture that shows the platform 9 3/4 decal is actually on a door. It is apparently created to be the perfect size for doors. I think that's wise. A door makes a nice visual frame for the sticker. A border of sorts.

The decals are really high quality. They have some sweet protection from UV rays and are printed with inks that are waterproof. The manufacturer actually advertises that these are washable. That will be mighty handy if you have some small tots who can be messy. The platform 9 3/4 decal can be easily removed from wherever you put it, no magic needed.

Whether you are an avid fan, or looking for the perfect gift for a Harry Potter maniac, this platform 9 3/4 wall decal may do just the trick. Remember to calculate shipping time, which the seller says can take two to three weeks. That seems a little long to me, hopefully they ship faster. But, plan on two to three weeks, just in case.