Exoskeleton Armor Gloves

Exoskeleton Armor Gloves
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It doesn't matter if you are finding yourself in a fight to the death or simply working with some heavy tools, you probably want to protect your hands. After all, one sharp drop of something heavy on your hand or if your hand is whacked against something solid it is going to break bones and cause all sorts of damage to your fingers and wrist. If you injure your hand it makes it difficult to do just about anything else, so protecting your hand is extremely important. That is why checking out the Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves is a great investment.

These armor gloves come with a built in exoskeleton so it takes the strength of the skeletal system and places it on the outside of the body. This is a great way to protect the entire hand. The price is a premium, but than again this is only for someone who is truly serious about protecting their hand.

The exoskeleton armor gloves come with a regular glove that your hand slides into, the same as any other glove. However, wrapped around this glove is a solid built exoskeleton. This protects every single knuckle and joint, which are the weakest areas of the hand. It also protects the entire external area of the hand and the wrist as well.

The exoskeleton armor gloves are marketed for street motorcycle wear. If you ride a crotch rocket and want to protect your hands form a potential wipe out, there really is nothing better than this kind of armor. Chances are, you already have a solid helmet and have a jacket with a back plate built into it. Your hands can take a massive beating if you are ever flung from the motorcycle or it tips and you skid. Thanks to these armor gloves though, your hands are going to be in tip top shape and you'll be able to push yourself right back up off the ground and dust yourself off. Also, they look seriously cool. Wicked cool.

The actual glove element of the Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves is constructed out of leather, so this gives you not only added protection, should the palm of your hand strike the pavement, but it is tear resistant, so it is not going to rip. There is Amara grip pads built into the leather in order to improve your level of grip which can drastically add to the quality of your control, not to mention you can come to trust the Japanese race quality Aniline leather and the Japanese polyester high tenacity thread.

All in all, when it comes down to protecting your hands in any kind of event, whether it is riding a motorcycle or you are entering the octagon for a cage fight (on accident, because after all they don't really let you fight with one of these things), the exoskeleton armor gloves can drastically reduce the chance of any sort of injury sustained to your hands. Just make sure to wear a helmet.