Non-Electric Slow Cooker

Non-Electric Slow Cooker
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You can prepare your meals in an attractive and eco-friendly non-electric slow cooker. No electricity and no plugs required. Bring your food to a boil in a conventional metal pan. Remove from the heat source, place in the insulated bag and close and seal it. The food continues to cook for up to eight hours because of the retained heat. Start your meal in the morning and find it ready by the time you arrive home at night.

This item is ideal for those who are seeking less reliance on the electric grid. It is also fun to take camping or on other day trips and picnics. While you have fun the food continues to cook. Buy one and save utility costs for cooking and never have to worry about burning food or about fires.

Each time a Wonderbag is purchased another cooking bag is donated to a woman in Africa. In undeveloped countries using this method lessens the air pollution from cooking fires while increasing available time for family, friends or even work. Less water is used or evaporated when foods are cooked in this way and less wood for cooking fuel is required.You can change the world while making your own life easier and more colorful as well.

Are you concerned that you may not know how to use it the right way? Do not worry because the you will receive a recipe booklet as well. Owning and using one will revolutionize your day, cutting food tending and preparation for you. The donated bag is a recipe for change for women in Africa. It will cut down on deaths from respiratory illness and burns from cooking on an open wood fire. It will provide time for women to be productive at tasks other than gathering and hauling wood and water. It will let the girls go back to school.

Make a difference with a Wonderbag.