Magnetic Levitating Globe

Magnetic Levitating Globe
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The magnetic levitating globe is an extremely fascinating item. Yes people, the globe does actually levitate. Crazy isn't it? To think that back in the day we barely had maps of our world to navigate, now we have levitating globes. The technology of this globe is sophisticated and amazing.

Here is how it works, the base of the item has a electro magnetic core. When switched on and the globe is placed above the base it levitates. There is nothing more to it. If you are a science fanatic, feel free to do your own research and find out exactly how this item works.

You can use this item any where too. Weather it be in your home or an office. Teachers this is a super cool globe to keep in your classroom or in your school. Experience the magic of levitation with this extravagant globe. If you had this in your office of work, your clients will never believe their eyes, this truly is an amazing vision of our planet, our home.

Did I mention that while the globe levitates it actually revolves also. To me that just makes the globe even cooler. How they come up with this sophisticated technology I am not sure, but they do it and it is almost unbelievable.

If you are wondering if it is possible to take the magnetic base apart, you can. But putting it back together is going to take a person with a highly educated scientific level of knowledge. If your question is can the base levitate other objects than your not alone. This particular base is designed to levitate only certain round objects. If you are good at engineering than you may be able to configure a way for the base to levitate some other object. Good luck with that task!

If you are wondering about the voltage of electricity you use and if the globe can run on such power than you have several options. The globe will run on any voltage of electricity as long as it does not exceed two hundred and twenty volts. Exceed two hundred and twenty volts and you may run in to some serious issues. Some people like people who live in Chile actually use two hundred and twenty volts of electricity and own this contraption and have no problem using it. Also, people who's homes use only one hundred and twenty volts also own the globe and it runs just fine for them.

If your question is can you take out the magnet, it is not highly suggested. Here is a few facts about the product information for you. The base actually has an electro magnet. The globe itself also has an electro magnet but the one in the globe is actually repelled. So your answer you are looking for is yes, you can remove the magnets but than you will not get to enjoy the magical experience of the levitating globe. Unless you are some kind of science whiz and are capable of putting the whole thing back together of course.