Super Tough Pet Ball

Super Tough Pet Ball
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Dogs just want to have fun! And will they ever with the Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs! Made from reinforced non-toxic polyethylene, they will stand up to all the chewing, kicking, banging, pounding, fetching and chasing even the most active canine can put them through and still come back for more.

Pick a size from 4 1/2, 6, 10 or 14 inch diameters. Pick a color from anywhere in the rainbow. Then let your pooch take over. Dogs love the challenge of playing with these colorful balls every day without destroying them.

Will they last forever? Probably not. But owner after owner reports their balls last and last long after their dogs have ruined common consumer items like soccer balls, basketballs or frisbees. Since they are made of durable hard plastic they are not recommended for indoor use to protect your walls and furniture. Two or more years of hard use is common. As with any toy, pick the size that fits your dog's size and activity level. Don't pick a size that may get stuck in the dog's mouth, for instance. Supervise your dog as needed during play and have fun together the way dogs and humans are meant to have!

People love to play these balls, too. Just remember they are not whiffle balls, so don't kick them too hard and show children the proper way to handle them.

You will definitely get your money's worth out of this practical, long-lasting toy. Have fun and be safe.