Gold Fish Ice Tray

$21.99 on Amazon
Every cold drink deserves a refreshing ice cube. Make all drinks novel ones with fish shaped ice cubes with this detailed mold. Just fill the tray with water, pop it into the freezer and pop out ice cubes that are anything but square. These cubes will be the perfect mixer for any occasion.

The flexible ice mold is 6 by 6.8 by ½ inches and will be easy to find in the freezer with its bright blue color. It is very light at only 6.4 ounces. Once the water has frozen, the life-like little ice fish will jump right into any glass for their chance to cool it down. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and it makes eight frozen fish at a time.

This is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who cannot wait for fishing season. They will always have an opportunity to go fishing in their drink with life-like representations in ice. Throwing a party will present an opportunity to show a unique decorating style with drinks. Add a little food coloring to the water for fish that will really stand out. Be a hit at the next children’s party with a unique element. Make the fish with the children’s favorite flavored drink mix and serve these iced fish as a melting party drink. The uses are endless.

This ice mold will amaze friends and loved ones, especially those who have everything. Get this as a unique gift for them to surprise their friends and loved ones at their next gathering. Turn the world of ice on its ear but using this highly detailed mold. Make sure every drink is a hit at every gathering with something just a little out of the ordinary. Use this incredible ice mold to turn drinks at the next party from super to superb and create a gathering to remember.