Pikachu Bedding Set

Pikachu Bedding Set
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Pokemon is a cultural phenomenon that many people have a great amount of nostalgia for. The game and the tv show are extremely popular.

One of the most popular characters from the world of Pokemon is Pikachu. Pikachu is an electric mouse that is very emotional. People are able to emotionally connect with him. If you love the character Pikachu, then you most likely would enjoy this Pikachu bedding set.

This bedding set is extremely cool and exciting. It is designed to fit on a full or twin bed. The comforter features a giant image of Pikachu making an extremely happy face and the two pillows that features several different pikachus.

This product is extremely neat for any pokemon fan, no matter what age. Your friends will marvel at your ability to get one of the most awesome bedding sets out there. The set is extremely bright and is sure to be an asset to any room.

The bedding set is especially great for younger kids. Many children love pokemon and are sure to love sleeping under one of their favorite characters from the series. If you know a child that loves pokemon, then you should definitely consider this set.

Overall this set is a wonderful addition to any bedroom and is sure to make any pokemon lover extremely happy and comfortable. They can dream about being a pokemon trainer while being tucked into their pikachu comforter.