Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

Pac-Man Cookie Cutter
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If you were growing up in the 1980s, the Pac-Man cookie cutters will bring back fond memories of the famous arcade game with the same name. You can enjoy fun-shaped, delicious homemade cookies while reflecting back to that simpler time in your life. Your friends can come over and reminisce or share arcade anecdotes over a plate of Pac-Mans and ghosts. If you were one who frequently lost at Pac-Man, you can eat all the ghosts first out of revenge. As for those who don’t know of the game, what better way to get a Pac-Man education than over a tasty snack!

Each package of cookie cutters comes with four pieces, one Pac-Man and three ghosts. The colors stay true to the game, with Pac-Man in yellow and the ghosts in red, pink and blue. They are made from a hard plastic that is resistant to both heat and chemicals. The finished cookies are about 2 inches wide, perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth. While that may sound too small to some, those with bigger appetites can simply eat more cookies.

Young children will be drawn to the adorable shapes and fun colors. The ghosts alone are enough to spark interest for kids who may have never heard of the game, and they are perfect for Halloween! Plus, once you explain that Pac-Man is actually a pizza pie with a slice cut out, they will be even more intrigued.

The Pac-Man cookie cutters are perfect for the whole family to enjoy, and they make a great gift for Pac-Man game lovers. The shapes don’t have to be limited to cookies, either. You can use them to shape fruit and frozen snacks. They may inspire a creative side you didn’t know you had.