Solar Mushroom Garden Lights

Solar Mushroom Garden Lights
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Your garden is a whimsical, magical place. You've designed it to create the illusion that if you blink, you might just miss a fairy flitting from one flower to the next, or that if you turn around quickly, you could see a sprite gliding behind a tree. When the time comes to light your garden at night, you want to make sure you maintain that fun, whimsical air. If "fun and whimsical" is your goal for your garden, Solar Mushroom Garden Lights are the perfect product for you.

These garden lights aren't like any other you've ever installed. First, because they're solar-powered, there are no batteries to worry about changing or wires that have to be buried. They charge up during the daylight hours with no effort on your part. Each light comes with a AAA 300 Mah NiCd Rechargeable Battery that will keep your solar lights working for a long time to come. That means that you can position them exactly where you want them, then leave them alone and let them work their magic: no muss, no fuss, no maintenance.

During the day, your Solar Mushroom Garden Lights look like little toadstools peeping up out of your garden. They're the perfect size to slip into planters and pots or to line walkways and driveways. When dusk rolls around, however, the magic begins. The mushrooms star to glow as the light fades. They cycle steadily through a rainbow of colors. Then, as dawn arrives, they become simple lawn ornaments once more. These mushroom lights are a magical addition to your garden that you certainly won't regret.

Worried that you might need to turn the lights off at some point so that you'll be able to walk in darkness? There's no need for concern! The solar mushroom lights come equipped with an on/off switch that will allow you to turn them off at your convenience, then turn them on again when your secretive activities are done.

The mushroom lights are approximately thirteen inches tall when assembled. About three inches of that goes into the ground, so your final product will end up sticking about ten inches out of the ground. They're a pretty, delicate addition to your garden or walkway that will leave you with a smile on your face every time you peek outside after dark. Unlike many products, these lights are understated, pretty, and simple. You'll love the way they look in your garden by day and love the light they offer by night.

If you're looking for a unique, slightly whimsical touch to add color to your garden by day or night, these lights are the perfect choice. They're simple to use, simple to set in place, and simple to flip off again if you decide that you don't need them: the perfect light for all your nighttime needs. The subtle glow will leave you wondering if there really is magic occurring in your garden, and who knows? These lights might just convince the fairies to come and play.