Staff of Wizard Gandalf

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Symbols like weapons, suits of armor, and spell-casting icons are important in both J.R.R. Tolkien's writing, and in the imaginations of his fans. The United Cutlery UC2926 Staff Of Wizard Gandalf is a remarkable movie prop-quality replica made famous in the LOTR and The Hobbit blockbusters.

The staff and its protective wall mount are made from resilient and heavy poly-resin. They are hand-painted and appear as if they were made in the Woods of Lorien itself. Every crafted detail is taken from the creative designs of the visual media geniuses behind the movies.

The staff measures a full 73 inches (6 feet plus), and is laden with Gandalf's personal signature rune stone. The shaft is not straight and brittle like other Gandalf props mass produced by machines. It is gnarled and slightly twisted, featuring the knots and grooves found in real exotic wood carvings. The crown is the exact mystic Elven configuration referenced in Tolkien's description, and featured on screen.

Amateur “wizards” can show this item as the focal point of a Middle Earth-themed costume. It is also very appropriate for stage lighting, movie reenactments, artistic inspiration, and fine collections. Like other weapons and art pieces from ancient times, this staff can be mounted on a wall with its custom display scaffolding. It is so incredibly authentic, it can accompany expensive furniture and other collectibles in a favorite room.

The most endearing quality of a rare prop like this, is its ability to become “precious” to its owner. The staff is a symbol of goodness, strength, wisdom, lore and personal growth. No matter how it is used, these attributes are immediately passed to whomever wields it. Plus, no Gandalf depiction is complete without it. It's a great way to add something of seen and unseen value to a Tolkien collector's most beloved showpieces.