Star Trek Federation Decal

Star Trek Federation Decal
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When you are proving your Star Trek fandom, you have many choices. You can show your support for Starfleet, the Federation, the Klingons, Romulans or Vulcans. You could put just about anything on your car or window as a decal, but the best starting point is a Federation decal.

Even people who are not fans of Star Trek are going to recognize the symbol of the Federation, and they are going to give you a smile as they drive or walk by. These decals are just the right size so that they can be seen at speed. All you need to do is make sure that you have applied it correctly once you get it.

These decal can be easily applied once it is removed from the paper, and it is going to stick, for a very long time once it is removed. You want to have something that is going to last, and these decals are designed to last for the long haul. You simply need to remember that you can use these on any window on your car or at home.

These are great decals to put up when it is Halloween and you are decorating for the season, but it is just as easy to put on your back windshield on your car. Also, you will be able to pull them off in one piece when you sell the car because they are so sturdy. They may not seem like something that you could do easily, but these decals are made to last.

You need to find some way of showing that you are a Trekkie, and one of these decals is going to do the trick. Pick the generic Federation sticker so that everyone can easily see that you are a massive Star Trek fan at home or on the road.

This vinyl decal is 6.5 inches by 4 inches. Some people were surprised at the dimensions, they thought the decal would be a tad smaller. If you are a trekkie, why not proudly display your geeky glory by slapping this decal on your car/laptop/ipad? Customers have been impressed with the quality of the decal. It should last at least 5 years and it should withstand all sorts of weather.