Wet Fire Starter

Wet Fire Starter
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Think about the last time that you were camping in the woods. Was it raining or damp? If it was, then you probably weren't able to start a fire. Don't let mother nature prevent you from staying warm in the woods or preparing a meal so that you don't starve. The Wet Fire Starter is a necessity when it comes to camping or simply needing a way to light a fire because the power is out in the home. These will be a hot commodity in the winter if an ice storm comes through and knocks out the electricity as you will be able to light the pack when it's wet. The pack actually prefers to be lit when it's wet instead of dry.

The small packs fit easily in a bag or your pocket. If you feel the wind, don't think that you have to blow your fire out or cover it with something to keep it from going out because wind and other elements don't really affect the pack. Place the pack in the center of a fire pit, light it up, and watch as it burns for a rather long period of time.

The packs are individually wrapped so that you can start several fires while you are in the woods. They are ideal for those who like to sit alone while thinking about life. When you want to go deer hunting early in the morning and need to stay warm, these packs would be something to consider, but try not to let the deer and other animals smell them or you might defeat your purpose for hunting.

The best thing about these packs is that they extinguish quickly, meaning you likely won't set the woods on fire. Give them to friends who are leaving on an excursion in the woods or keep them in the home to set in the fireplace to cook with or even start a fire with instead of using embers.