Floating Soccer Disk

Floating Soccer Disk
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A floating disk gliding across the air almost feels like something out of the future, or a cartoon such as The Jetsons. Believe it or not though, this 7 inch rotating disk does just that - by creating a vacuum of air around its bottom surface, the floating soccer disk hovers on a cushion of air a few centimeters above the ground.

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, on a carpet, a smooth wooden surface or just about any flat area, the floating soccer disk creates an instantly smooth game of air hockey. In fact, the possibilities are truly endless. You can use it as you would in any good old fashioned game of air hockey, or you can push it back and forth like a Frisbee, watch it rebound from furniture like a boomerang or best of all, simply marvel with mystified eyes as to how it defies the laws of nature.

When it comes to durability however, the toy is just as good as its nature suggests. While more than capable of withstanding light bumps and forces of impact, stronger force can damage its exterior. The rubber around its circumference might protect your furniture from scratches and dents but won't do much for the disk itself. It's therefore best to keep the play light and fun.

All in all, the floating soccer disk a great toy to have if just for the novelty of it. It can create an instant game of hand hockey, stick hockey (provided you lightly use the hockey sticks) or even bowling if you set up a few plastic bottles but it isn't something to take too seriously. The toy is by no means fragile but it is meant to be a toy rather than a sporting good and should be used accordingly.