Boba Fett Neon Light

$299.99 on Amazon
You might not be scared of the dark, but you can still benefit from a night light, especially one as cool as this one. This Boba Fett Night Light will add a nice glow to your room when the house is dark, and it will also help you to up the coolness of your room. This night light is made of green and orange, and it is shaped like the great bounty hunter from Star Wars. If you are a fan of the Star Wars world and all that it has to offer, if you have seen all the movies and loved them, then this night light is for you.

A night light can be placed in any room of the house to help you find your way when it is dark and you don't want to turn on a real light. This night light is made to be set on a table or mounted on a wall, and it gives a really cool feeling to the room in which it is placed. You can show off your love for Star Wars by adding this night light to your home, and it will draw the attention of all who enter.

If you have a friend who loves Star Wars, you know that this neon light is something that they would love to add to their home. This light is perfect for kids and adults, and it lets off a cool glow. This light is something that your friends will be happy with, something that makes for a different kind of gift. Boba Fett is a special character, and fans of the Star Wars world will appreciate the shape and design of this night light. You can't go wrong when you gift your friends with this cool item. There is nothing out there like this light.