Star Wars Dessert Cookbook

Star Wars Dessert Cookbook
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After work or at a party,
sometimes it is nice
to take a bite from Vader's head
just once or twice.

Or perhaps a cultural treat
from beautiful Kashyyyk.
All these snacks are great
if you want to stuff your cheeks!

The Star Wars dessert cookbook is available new or used in paperback. There are 64 pages that teach how to make Star Wars themed treats. This cookbook included high quality pictures and cooking directions.

A User Review For You: "I have followed Lara Starr and have used many of her recipes in the past. When I saw that she was the recipe author for this cookbook, I knew that it would be fantastic... and it is! She knows how to please the cooks of the world. Her directions are clear and top notch. The results of the goodies in this book are delicious! This cookbook is fun, geeky, and has some very TASTY treats."