Foosball Erasers

Foosball Erasers
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Everyone makes mistakes, but you can enjoy yours with a foosball eraser from Peleg Design. Shaped like the players on a traditional foosball table, these quirky erasers are a much more interesting alternative to the boring traditional pink pencil eraser. Whether you're riding the subway, studying in the library, killing time in a study hall, or in an office meeting, these unique erasers are surefire conversation starters that liven up any situation.

Of course, these erasers are as functional as they are fun and will cleanly erase the writing mistakes in your life. Forget erasers that smudge pencil marks all over the page and tear holes in your paper. Instead, use a foosball player to erase your mistakes neatly and cleanly for a fresh start.

Each package contains two foosball players, one "dressed" in a red team jersey and the other in blue. Simply feed the eraser onto any writing implement via the hole that runs from one shoulder to the other and you're ready for an impromptu game anywhere, any time. Suitable for children of all ages, be they young or just young at heart, foosball erasers make great gifts for your teammates, sports lovers and foosball enthusiasts as well as anyone who simply appreciates good fun.

So draw yourself a foosball playing field, make a small ball with crumpled paper, choose your color and get your game started today.