Borg Cube Fridge

Borg Cube Fridge
$249.00 on Amazon
If you are a die hard fan of Star Trek, this is really something that you should consider getting. It is a Borg Cube fridge. From the outside, it just looks like a cool model of a Borg Cube with all the trappings of the Collective. However, on the inside, you can store up to nine cans of soda or beer at a cool 32 to 44 degrees.

Imagine the fun you have when you invite your Trekkie friends over. Display your Borg fridge on a shelf. The Borg fridge emits a green light from beneath the shell to entice your friends over for a closer look. They will compliment you on what a cool model you have because they don't know that it's a fridge. As they look on, slowly open up the front and let more green light pour out through the opening. Your friends wait with anticipation as you reveal the core of the Collective. Then, pull out a couple of cold beers. Your friends will have a blast. After that little display, they will all want a fridge just like yours.

There is more. This fridge can be converted to a food warmer. Just change the setting, and the inside can warm up to about 150 degrees - enough to keep a lunch warm.

The unit can run on AC and DC power in the car. So, when you are on a road trip, you can take the cube with you as a cooler or a food warmer. You do not have to be far from the Collective!

Not only is this fridge a great display piece, but it is functional. Keep one by your desk. and you will always have a cold supply of your favorite drinks on hand. Don't turn away from this one because your resistance is futile!