U Shaped Full Body Pillow

U Shapped Full Body Pillow
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The fast pace of modern life makes a good night’s sleep more important than ever before. After all the bells, whistles and lights have been turned out, a night of tossing and turning can leave a person more tired in the morning. Improper sleeping habits can leave a body with aches and stiffness if not controlled. Back pain can keep people awake at night and make the next day more difficult to navigate. This large, U-shaped body pillow is the answer. It was designed by a registered nurse to help her cope with pain. It will help keep those nighttime moves in check while offering complete body support.

This pillow is designed to support the entire body. It measures 60 inches in length by 35 inches wide and 7 inches thick. It is light-weight at a mere 8.4 pounds and easy to move into any position needed. Made of cotton, the cover unzips for convenience when machine washing. The pillow is filled with Fusion Foss, a high grade material that allows for free air flow. Designed to be a unisex pillow, it is manufactured in the United States.

Back pain sufferers will find this pillow a useful addition to their nightly routine. Total support is the best feature of this pillow. It cradles the head and neck without need for multiple pillows. It then goes on to support the arms, torso and legs. Hip and spine alignment are a snap with this pillow. Its unique design for both sides of the body will keep even a restless sleeper from moving around and sleeping in the wrong position. The luxurious comfort stretches on with this large body pillow, and it provides a stable resting place for the user. It can be used for sleep, reading and watching television in bed.

Many people have a medical need to sleep on their side. Pregnancy and joint diseases often mean a good night’s sleep will only be available if a person is not on their back or stomach. For those who do not normally sleep that way, comfort is an issue. This U-shaped body pillow will stop that search for comfort. It is U-shaped to fit down both sides of a person’s body. These sides will cushion and contain a person in comfort for the night. The pillow will help align the spine, from the top of the neck to the bottom of the back with its full length and provide a comfortable night of rest.

Night is a time for people to sleep without discomfort, and every night should make waking up a joyful experience. This pillow, specifically designed by a nurse for comfort, offers a sleeper the ability to get needed rest. No more tossing and turning when surrounded by luxury. The U-shaped full body pillow will make sleeping in one place and one position a breeze. Unlike other body pillows, this unique design cushions both sides of the sleeper. It offers complete support, no matter what side a person sleeps on.