Remote Control Flying TARDIS

$89.99 on Amazon
Now you can own the world's smallest flying TARDIS. Standing about three inches tall, this TARDIS is ready to help you relax after a hard day or send a fun message to a friend or colleague. If you follow Doctor Who, you know that the TARDIS is the Doctor's spaceship and his home. Generally, the TARDIS is flying through the time vortex with the doctor. But, with the R/C TARDIS, you can fly the TARDIS.

This TARDIS, a Doctor Who approved item, comes with a rechargeable battery system. The charger takes about 30 minutes to fully charge the TARDIS. At full charge, the TARDIS can fly continuously for six minutes. The TARDIS comes with a guide that explains how to use the controller to properly fly and land the TARDIS. It is important to fly the TARDIS in an open area as the propellers might be damaged by bumping into furniture or other items. Four double AA batteries are needed to operate the flying TARDIS controller.

The TARDIS comes in Dr Who blue just like the real TARDIS on Doctor Who and looks like an old English police call box. Like the real TARDIS, this TARDIS does not require a lengthy runway for takeoffs; it can perform vertical takeoffs and landings. The controller is clearly marked with right and left controls plus dials for up and down. The TARDIS has controls that prevent it from entering into unwanted spins and dives. This device has a number of small parts that makes it unsuitable for small children. The product is recommended for children over the age of eight.

This R/C TARDIS makes a neat gift for any Doctor Who fan. The TARDIS will always be at your disposal once you purchase this unique item. Only very special companions are able to fly the TARDIS. You, of course, are very special.