Mute Button Pacifier

Mute Button Pacifier
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People sometimes say that all babies are cute, and while that may be true, most agree there are degrees of cuteness. Naturally, if said baby is YOUR baby, it is the cutest child our civilization has ever known. Another fact is that most babies make people smile, just by looking at them. There are exceptions to this statement as well, primarily when you're on an airplane seated next to an infant who is very vocally unhappy. Wouldn't it be nice if there were some sort of apparatus that would calm your baby, all the while making him more appealing to others?

The marketplace now offers such a device. The pacifier has been around for many years, but the Mute Button Pacifier satisfies the baby as well as onlookers. This pacifier, while calming the baby like a traditional pacifier, has a mute button facing outward. Of course, the sucking action of the pacifier is the part that actually mutes the baby's distress. But it makes us all smile, wishing there were actually a working mute button attached.

This pacifier is high quality and is phthalate, lead, and BPA free, so it's completely safe for baby. It arrives at your home with a convenient cover cap. First time parents will use this cap constantly, while parents of a second or third child will probably continue to use the "just blow on it" method of sanitization when the pacifier drops to the public restroom floor.

When we have a child, we take that responsibility very seriously, but why not add some whimsy to the parenthood adventure? If you dress your son in replica baseball uniforms or your daughter in princess attire, try a pacifier equipped with a mute button. Your child will be calmed while you and everyone around you is simultaneously amused.