NES Controller Phone Case

$8.95 on Amazon
Today, phone cases are really big business. Nonetheless, they are still limited in the ways that they actually customize your phone's appearance. This isn't what people want though. What they want is to be able to show off a part of themselves through the phone case they choose. Here, in steps the NES Controller Phone Case that allows you to turn your iPhone 5 into a Nintendo controller... Well, not technically but this is still a great case.

With this case from ThinkGeek covering your iPhone it will look realistic from the back anyway. This means that nobody will know that it's just a phone case unless you tell them. So, if you love the NES console or are looking to purchasing a great gift for a gaming buddy, this is it!

This case has non-functional rubber buttons that may be a great conversational piece for the younger gamers among us who aren't familiar with old-school gaming consoles. There's also a joypad, a start button, a select button, and A and B buttons. With so many buttons your fingers will want to pretend they're playing a game. While they won't be able to do more than simply pretend, they can access all the ports and buttons on your phone so that you can still enjoy its great features.

A word of caution is needed here though. While there's nothing really bad to say, you do need to be careful when you place your iPhone in the case to make sure that you don't have it slightly misaligned, or else you'll find that the volume buttons are somewhat stubborn. If this happens, simply maneuver things a bit and everything will work just fine. Once they're in place, you won't have any problems at all, which is why this sturdy fun case may soon become a favorite among gaming fanatics.