Diamond Shaped Cups

Diamond Shaped Cups
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You will be the life of the party when you bring out these cleverly crafted vessels. These stylish glasses will even fool the shrewdest observer. Set your guests' drinks in front of them and watch the fun commence. Your friends will hastily grab for their glasses, which are precariously tilting toward drink spillage. Uncontrollable laughter will then ensue when they discover the amazing prank you just pulled on them.

The bottoms of these glass tumblers are formed into the traditional diamond shape. Due to the pointed tip, these cups cannot remain upright when placed on a level surface. However, the unique construction prevents these glasses from tipping over and completely spilling their contents. The square edges topping off the distinctive shape slow the roll of the tilted glasses and avoid sloshing your beverage everywhere.

With a holding capacity exceeding 12 fluid ounces, you can enjoy a generous amount of any beverage that grabs your attention. Water, soda pop, milk - only your drink inventory is the limit to your consumption. Diamond shaped cups are suitable for use by teens, adults, and seniors, providing that age-appropriate libations are supplied. Not recommended for use by small children.

These "inebriated" tumblers will arrive at your home as a set of two, enclosed in a striking, durable gift box. They are constructed from borosilicate glass, the same material used to make laboratory test tubes. Diamond shaped cups are extremely delicate and should be handled with care. Hand washing is recommended.