Bag Handle

Bag Handle
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After a day of shopping, you're tired. You want to just get inside the house and relax, but you know that with all the shopping done, you now have to face off with the bags. You have to decide how many bags you should carry on each hand and here starts the balancing act of them shifting and twisting as you walk.

The bag handle is a tool that will help you carry your multiple bags in one trip. It has three hooks that clasp shut and can carry a combine weight of 54 lbs, this can also help with no shifting or twisting of bags as you walk. The handle bar has a soft rubber that will fit your hand comfortably. Say goodbye to your fingers or wrist being squeezed from the weight of each bag you are carrying. This product is latex free, and it is pocket size for your convenience.

Walking from your car to your front door, or if you walk to the grocery store, (imagine riding a bicycle) and trying to juggle bags. This tool will carry your bags for you without leaving indentations on your fingers or wrist. Simply hook your plastic or recyclable bags inside the hook and you are set! End your shopping trip with a little help with the bag handle, a light weight tool that carries multiple bags for you.