French Fries Pillow

French Fries Pillow
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Do you have a room in the house that needs a little pop? If so, this french fry pillow would be perfect for your home! This exuberant novelty pillow measures at an impressive 12"x10"x4", giving you plenty of roomy comfort when lounging around or taking a quick nap on the sofa. Each pillow is made of durable polyester that won't easily flatten out over time when used and is very soft and cushiony. This unique pillow is sure to add flavor to any room or dorm room for a fun, playful atmosphere.

These pillows have very bright and vivid designs that are perfect for those with a keen eye for details. Each pillow is extremely lifelike, with a very close resemblance to real fast food. There are ten different designs available to choose from, and these would be perfect for starting a collection or adding multiple pieces to make a full meal! You could even decorate your child's room with these pillows, as they are sure to love the new addition to their room. Don't worry about stains either because these pillows are very easy to clean, and won't fade after a few washes unlike pillows made with flimsy designs or prints.

Even though the pillows are fluffy and sturdy, they do give you great support without giving your neck a cramp or kink. Shipping is quick and free if you choose. With all the different prints, there is bound to be one or maybe even two that you or someone you know would absolutely enjoy in their residence. If you want, you could make a fast food set to give to your young kids or teenagers. There are endless possibilities with this wide array of pillows. Don't be afraid to add some pizzazz to your home or bedroom with these pillows. Any guests who come over would get a chuckle out of seeing french fries sitting on your couch! I know I would get a kick out of that.

These fast food pillows are so quirky I feel like they add an air of "cool" to any room or residence. From the vivid colors to the realistic designs and prints, down to the sturdy and durable materials, this kooky pillow would be the best addition a bland room or bedding set. I can't promise that you won't be tempted to try to eat them, though! The realistic print of the fries has so much detail, I wouldn't be surprised if you could see the grains of salt on them too. I am stuck on how beautiful these prints are. If your home or your college kid's dorm room needs a little sprucing up or a little touch of flare, get one or more of these novelty pillows to do the job. Each one of these has its own personality to bring into your life. Whether it's for you, a friend, or a family member, anyone with a love for food and a sense of humor would get plenty of use from this lifelike french fry pillow.