Batman Arkham Origins – Men’s T-shirt

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Deep down, we all just want to be Batman. We can feel the Dark Knight within us, trying to scratch and claw its way to the surface. The citizens of Gotham need our help.

Now, you can bring a bit of that desire to life, for all the world to see, with the Batman Arkham Origins Men's T-shirt. Available in six sizes, there is one designed to fit the majority of heroes, big and small. Unlike the Batsuit, this is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, which is a highly breathable material. Even in a heat wave, you can have complete comfort whether you are combating crime, battling through the grocery store checkout line, or fighting for a good seat on the couch.

The design is officially licensed, guaranteeing a level of authenticity for the discerning fan. True to the Batman Arkham Origins vision, this shirt appeals to video game aficionados, Batman movie buffs, and DC Comics enthusiasts alike. A clean, monochromatic look, this shirt is designed predominately in black and gray. Many people consider the color choices to be quite slimming, and the depiction of rock-hard washboard abs and a firm, sculpted chest can't hurt either.

To help maintain the integrity of the shirt color and design, it is likely recommended to wash in cold water and air dry when possible. This will help ensure you have many fade-free wears ahead of you, because no one likes watching a hero slowly fade from sight.

Allow your inner hero vigilante to shine through, take a stand against evildoers, and be the envy of friends and family in this men's t-shirt. Almost everyone wishes they could be Batman, and, now, you almost can be. Proceed without fear, wear this shirt with courage, and tell Alfred "hi" from us when you get a chance.