Hemisphere Cake Pans

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If you enjoy baking, then hemisphere cake pans should be a part of your kitchen. There are so many ideas for cakes that you can use these cake pans for, or you can get a set to give as a housewarming present. They also make decent bowls if you need to mix something and don't have anything else handy.

When you look at the pans, you might think that they are ordinary hemispheres that you can only create half of a cake with. While this is true, you can use your imagination in the kitchen to make delicious treats for family and friends. There are three sizes, so you can easily make three different cakes to stack together, or you can only use one pan if you don't like a lot of cake at one time. The pans are aluminum, making them easy to clean as long as you use some kind of oil or spray before baking the cakes.

One idea that you can use with hemispheres is a baby bump cake for a baby shower. Decorate the hemisphere to look like a pregnant stomach, and add a bow that is the same color as the gender of the baby. If the mother hasn't revealed the gender of the baby yet, this would be a fun way to let family and friends know of what she is having.

Another idea is to create the heads of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they are peeking out of the sewer. Decorate each head with a bandana that is the same color of the turtles. You can also use the pans to make turtle shells. Create cakes that look like ladybugs for a summer picnic, or make two of the larger halves together to make a snowball or ornament for Christmas. The possibilities are endless when you use these hemisphere cake pans.