SpareOne Emergency Phone

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In today's fast paced world, having a safe way to get in touch with emergency services from almost anywhere is a great blessing. Until cell phones became established, people were often left on their own during emergency situations to find a way to get the help they need. This can be most difficult for people who have no viable way to get in touch with emergency personnel from more remote locations or from compromised situations.

Since the invention and expansion of cell phones and cell phone towers, people now can readily gain easy access to emergency services from so many places across America and the world. For people who are looking for emergency contact capability, the SpareOne Emergency Phone is the perfect answer. Unlike traditional cell phones, the SpareOne Emergency cell phone does not have any monthly fees associated with their use. These phones are simply for use in an emergency situation.

Some of the great benefits of this phone is that the keys are raised which makes it perfect for the elderly or for low light situations. Additionally, the phone uses lithium batteries that have a longer life and do not need constant recharging in order to ensure that it will work in an emergency situation. In fact, the battery life is up to 15 years.

These phones are great for an emergency kit or for the elderly who may have need to have a way to contact emergency services from anywhere in their home or yard. The phone also comes equipped with flashlight capability which also makes it a perfect addition to any emergency kit. In addition, the LED torchlight on the phone can also be used to flash SOS emergency signals if needed. The phone is light weight, brightly colored and capable of being put on audio feedback if necessary.