Han Solo Silicone Tray

Han Solo Silicone Tray
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Bounty hunters make great business
if not for all that consternation.
When they get too uppity,
they make fantastic decoration.

Carbonite is classy,
but it's not exactly cheap.
I prefer to make them
out of things that I can eat.

Star Wars. Will it ever lose its awesomeness? I hope not. I think not. Han Solo is a favorite character of mine. He is someone I can relate with. He is a fighter. He doesn't mind getting dirty or getting into a battle. He also gets the girl. I'm married to a girl. See?

With this Han Solo silicon tray you can make more than just ice. You certainly can make ice. But, you're not limited to only freezing water. You can put chocolate in it. You can put jelly in it. You can put melted crayons in it to make cooler crayons.

One thing that you can't put in it are humans. Unless, you chopped them up really small. Yikes. That's gross. Don't do that. Don't kill humans to put them into the Han Solo silicone tray.

A User Review For You: "I had heard these were kind of flimsy. I wasn't too worried. I knew that I could put some sort of tray underneath it to keep it firm. I just wanted to have some awesome ice. Well, turns out, they really aren't flimsy. Sure, you can't hold it with two fingers. You can hold it with one hand. Two hands if you are nervous.

I held a Star Wars party the other day, it was a big hit! I made Han Solo candles with this silicon tray. Awesome. Simply brilliant. I love this tray. I recommend it!"