Ninja Mug

Ninja Mug
$17.00 on Amazon
There's nothing stealthy about this Ninja Mug from Thumbs Up! However, it is black as night. It also comes with a tiny Katana spoon for stirring, and a throwing star shaped coaster for protecting all surfaces. So, if your boss decides to hand you some extra TPS reports you can show him who's really boss. Everyone is sure to love your office style with this whimsical mug.

Your Ninja Mug comes in the perfect size for a 6 - 8 oz. cup of joe or other hot beverage. This mug will help you show your personality in an otherwise dull setting, and make any cubicle attractive. Though some may wish for a bigger cup, the regular size gives you a reason to get up and show off the mug to the office on your way for a refill.

As an added bonus it features a wraparound mug sleeve or mask so no one will recognize your mug in the real world, its identity is safe. Your beverage will stay warm longer, allowing you to savor it and handle it with ease when it's hot. However, if you do get busy and need to warm it up, the mug is microwave safe. You can also place it in the dishwasher, although the cover should be hand washed.

Don't wait to surprise someone with a ninja mug. Not only is it great for office settings, it's a fun gift for birthdays, holidays, or any day. If your child is enrolled in karate or any form of martial arts this unique mug will make their instructor's day. It also makes a great gift for any karate enthusiast in your life. Kids will love ninja stabbing the marshmallows in their hot chocolate.

The word β€œninja” brings to mind so many things, but does it bring to mind a mug? This unique cup would be an awesome addition to your kitchen, and would make drinking that daily drink even more exciting. The ninja mug comes with a removable cover for when you need to wash or heat the mug, and when on the mug, the cover makes it easy to hold the hot cup. Also comes with a coaster and a ninja sword stirring spoon.

Your new mug can come with a manufacturer's warranty upon request. Being a true ninja is not required to own this mug.