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iPhone Laser Pointer

iPhone Laser Pointer
$39.99 on Amazon
iPin is an iPhone-powered laser pointer. What will come out next?! Who knows, but for now, this awesome little gadget is on the market. The iPin is a small pointer that fits inside any iPhone, no matter the generation. It goes directly inside the 3.5mm headphone jack. It does not require batteries or anything else that delays you of enjoying the product.

With iPin, you will always be presentation ready! No more searching for a laser pointer the night before a big school project, or nervously trying to impress your boss in the end-of-the-month-meeting. This thing packs a lot of power for it's size, and uses so little power on your phone. The power it will use from your phone is about as much as playing your favorite song over and over.

Only thing required for the iPin is downloading the iPin app, which has features like: thumb swiping to keep your presentation going, swiping up for a cursor to interact with your presentation (the iPhone screen is the track pad, wow!) And to keep you on time, the iPin app has a countdown alarm.

When the iPin is not in use, you can simply turn it 90 degrees to disable it, and use your phone as normal. It also has a clip so when you want to put your headphones in use, it connects on the headphones, that way there is no chance of losing it. Several colors of the iPin are available to fit your style!

You can have this great, convenient, and useful product only for $49.95! The iPin is a very elegant solution to a traditional laser pointer. It keeps your presentation moving smoothly, fits perfectly in your iPhone, and with the brightness and distance this tiny thing has, you will love it for the great price. The iPin is the next best thing to spice up your presentation and make you iPhone rock!