Zombie Wrapping Paper

Zombie Wrapping Paper
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This great wrapping paper will have your friend or family member talking about it for days! It is perfect for any occasion, for a funny birthday, Christmas and of course a Halloween gift. In addition, this is the perfect wrapping paper to surprise that zombie enthusiast, whether it is the person that loves playing zombie games on the Xbox and PlayStation or the person that loves watching zombie movies and shows. Just imagine how the Walking Dead fan will feel when they receive the season box set wrapped in Zombie wrapping paper? The thrill on their face may even make the soulless looking zombies on the wrapping paper smile. This wrapping paper will truly delight and put a smile on anyone’s face or maybe even scare them.

The wrapping paper is also of excellent, zombie like quality. The thick paper means less tears while wrapping and a quality look; something that is vital to making a great impression with your gift and making sure the Zombies will continue to look their smooth, scary selves. The excellent quality also equals durability so this wrapping paper will still be intact when your gift arrives at its destination. You can be assured that the zombies on the wrapping paper will be appreciative of this excellent quality paper and the recipient of your gift will be as well.

Focusing on the artwork, the zombie graphics really are fantastic. The black paper depicts a dark world roamed by zombies where their only desire is to eat brains and make you laugh. The zombies are drawn to look like zombies, but not grotesque looking zombies which expands the target audience. The lines are clean, giving the zombies a great modern look which are in-line with some newer comics. The artist did an excellent job of creating zombies that will appeal to multiple age groups, so the zombies will make adults laugh, and will scare away children from gifts they should not be opening. This truly is the perfect wrapping paper for keeping children away from Christmas gifts.

Each zombie artwork also introduces an element of comedy, for example the brain wrapped in a bow is truly hilarious, and the zombie looking at the present of a brain will make anybody chuckle and all the other zombies will be jealous. The zombie gifting himself in a present truly turns the wrapping paper into a gift within itself.

This wrapping paper creates a great presentation of horror without creating a sense of fear, except for children, of course. It truly is a masterpiece, and you can be assured that even if the recipient of your gift is not thrilled with its content, they will definitely love the wrapping paper and the depiction of zombies. Don’t be surprised if the next time you visit your friend, or family member, that you see the wrapping paper hung on the wall, carefully framed and preserved. After all, how would anyone want to tear up and throw away such artwork of hilarity and quality?