Camp Stove Toaster

Camp Stove Toaster
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There is nothing tastier than a full, complete breakfast while camping. This includes the normal bacon and eggs. What are bacon and eggs without toast? Rather than pack a toaster when you go camping, choose this camp stove toaster instead. It is made of steel with a chrome-plated finish. This toaster looks like a plate with wire sides. The sides fold down for easy packing so this toaster takes up very little space. The plate size is ideal for setting over a burner of a camp stove.

How do you use this toaster? Since it is fold able, the first thing is to fold the wires up. These will hold up to four slices of bread. Place the bread into the wires, and set the plate on the burner. Make sure the burner is on quite high. Partway through toasting it will brown more evenly if you take and turn each slice over. If you don’t want to turn them over it could be helpful to loosely set a piece of aluminum foil over it instead. Once it is done remove the toaster from heat, or turn off your burner if you are done using it. Next remove the toast, butter it and enjoy. Once the toaster is cool it is easy to clean. You can hand wash it with your other dishes, then fold it back down to store away.

A possible unconventional way to use this toaster would be to use it for a plant holder. Picture an ivy in a small pot set in the middle of it. As it grows the ivy would intertwine through the side wires. Add a bow or a few miniature lawn ornaments and you have a very cute centerpiece.

One does not have to be camping to use this. It also will work on a household stove top. You might choose to do this if your counter top toaster breaks or if you want to experience camping in the comfort of your own home.