1up Mushroom Cupcake Pan

1up Mushroom Cupcake Pan
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There's nothing quite like a classic Mario game to bring every gamer in your life together. While the older ones might not consider them their favorite games anymore, there's still some nostalgic value to returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, battling a few goombas, and saving the princess. Younger gamers are entranced by the game's bright colors, simple play style, and never-ending array of enemies to fight, levels to work past, and obstacles to overcome.

Everyone loves a good Mario game--and now, you can bring the Mushroom Kingdom right to your home with this 1up Mushroom Cupcake Pan. With two separate pieces to make up the stem and the top of the mushroom, you're sure to get the perfect mushroom appearance in each and every cupcake. Talented cake decorators can easily use fondant to transform their cupcakes into the perfect mushroom or apply their favorite buttercream to imitate the appearance of the 1up mushroom from game.

Serve (1)Up a Birthday Treat For the Old Gamer in Your Life

Who couldn't use an extra change to get things right for their birthday this year? Giving your favorite gamer the gift of an extra life in a yummy cupcake treat that will be sure to make them smile. You've struggled in the past to create the perfect birthday treat, but now, you don't have to struggle anymore! Simply produce a 1up Mushroom Cupcake in your favorite gamer's favorite flavor, add icing, and voila! You've created a sweet treat that's sure to bring a smile.

The Perfect Gaming Food

If you have a group of gamers over, chances are, they're going to want to raid the kitchen. If you've ever fed a hungry group of gamers, you know full well that they're going to want plenty of snacks--and epic treats are sure to receive rave reviews. Serve up a tray of these 1up Mushroom cupcakes, and you'll be sure to bring them back for seconds! Chances are, the cupcakes will draw a round of applause--or at least cause them to look away from the screen for a minute or two.

Ideal for a Mario Themed Party

Anyone with a young gamer in their life is sure to experience at least one Mario-themed party along the way. The 1up Mushroom Cupcake Pan is the perfect way to add a special touch to the cake without adding in tons of extra effort for a snack that's going to be consumed in seconds anyway. Put out a tray of 1up Mushroom cupcakes, stand back, and watch the fun! The cupcakes can also be decorated to resemble a Super Mushroom to add in a little variety.

If you share your home with a gamer or happen to be one yourself, you can see the immense value these mushroom cupcake pans can have in your kitchen. You'll be pulling them out for years to come, using the mushroom design to add a little something extra to your cupcake designs. Delight your gaming friends! Entrance your kids! Even better, they're simple to put together and don't require extensive knowledge of decorating to make them look right. Cupcakes have never been better!