Beetle Tip Highlighters

Beetle Tip Highlighters
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If you're a highlighting aficionado, color coding your notes more rigorously than Willow from Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you've found the perfect product for you. Whether you're planning to highlight your notes with a fine tip or a large tip, put a box around specific words or stretches of text, or simply highlight words or phrases as you would with normal highlighter use, these Beetle Tip Highlighters are the perfect product for you.

While you'll still have to swap from one color to another by changing pens, there's no need to keep multiple highlighters of the same color on hand any longer. You can simply pull out your Beetle Tip Highlighter and get to work transforming your notes into a masterpiece of color, making it easier than ever before to study for tests, check out favorite Bible passages, and color code important documents.

Quickly and Easily Highlight Tricky Areas of Text

There's nothing more frustrating than beginning to highlight a selection of text, only to realize that your marker has bled over and you've highlighted more than you've intended. With the Beetle Tip Highlighters, you can easily shift to the small point of the highlighter, using it to get through delicate spaces and small fonts. This is the perfect highlighter for college students who have to deal with small, hard-to-read fonts or Bible scholars who find themselves pouring over tiny print editions.

Swap to Large, Bold Areas More Easily

In many textbooks, the font shifts from minuscule text to huge, bold passages with little to no warning. It might be a stylistic effort in an English book or a diagram in a science book. Neither one, however, makes it easy to use a small point highlighter. No problem! With the Beetle Tip Highlighters, you can easily swap from small to large, sweeping through key passages with ease. No more spending fifteen minutes carefully using a thin-line highlighter to work your way through the passage! No more straining your eyes to make sure that you've managed to cover every tiny bit of space with color. Even better, you'll decrease the odds that your highlighter will bleed through, since you're swapping over to the large tip.

Outline Blocks of Text Efficiently

Have you ever wished for a highlighter that would allow you to take advantage of the empty space between two tips to create unique effects, easily highlighting a word without coloring over it? If so, the answer to your prayers is here. Simply use the Beetle Tip Highlighter's unique design to slide across the page, leaving empty space in the center while still outlining the important text and drawing your eye to it when you read back over your notes later.

The Beetle Tip Highlighter is the perfect tool for all your studying needs. Whether you're pouring over tiny text that requires perfect highlighting or dealing with big, block text that needs a fat, chunky highlighter, this is the pen for you.