USB Missile Launcher

USB Missile Launcher
$42.99 on Amazon
Defend your desk from ne'er-do-wells
and villains who would see you felled.
A turret gun's the only thing
to stop the evil ones that dwell.

If you are under attack
the only way of fighting back
is missile fire. Blow them down!
Your defenses won't be cracked.

The USB missile launcher comes with four foam missile projectiles. The launcher is controlled by computer via a four inch USB cable. The device is compatabilible with Win 7, Vista, and WIN XP SP2 and later. This thing is a missile launcher for your desk! You get to launch things with it!

A User Review For You: "I think I received the best gag gift ever. When I first got this as a present, I thought it was kind of fun but I didn't realize how awesome it really is! You get to see a little webcam view from your computer screen. It's pretty darn sweet! All I had to do was download the correct software from the company's website. It was easy. You're going to love this bad boy!"