RPG Menu Doormat

RPG Menu Doormat
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The retro culture is something that is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Those of us who love classic video games growing up as kids now are older with money to spend on nostalgic reminders of times once known. While there are many collectibles to be purchased, there are also many different accessories and special gifts that are throw backs to these old retro times. These can be decorations for the home, clothing items, or other great items that really play into the retro feel that so many of us know.

This Retro RPG mat is really a great addition to any retro gamers house. This mat will give a very retro feel to any guest who is coming to the home. Fellow gamers will really be able to feel the great vibe of this retro RPG mat. Being unique as a gamer can be tough to do when most friends will just ask you if you play Halo or Call of Duty. This mat will help you to set yourself apart as a retro gamer who understands that great games that got us to where we are today.

The Final Fantasy series is quite possibly one of the greatest game series of all time. It is easily hailed as one of, if not the very best RPG series of our time. It is very easy to distinguish this doormat as a Final Fantasy doormat. The RPG menu on this mat is unmistakably from that series, which hardcore gamers will revel in. Knowing that you have a Final Fantasy RPG menu on your front doorstep will be much better than having just any old random RPG menu on your front doorstep. This will take your commitment to true retro gaming to the next level.

The options that are on the RPG menu are quite entertaining as well. Up first is the obvious knock option. This will most likely get you your most desired result. The next option on the menu is loiter. This is an option for the Jay and Silent Bob type of friends that you may have who are always just lingering around your property. The third option is that of magic. This can be a fun one to imagine. If you had a fire spell, you could simply set the house on fire. The last option, run, could be very effective for solicitors. For an angry homeowner who opens the door, turn two could be used by the solicitor to flee away from the house. A proper message would appear on the screen, "Solicitor has successfully escaped."

Overall, this RPG doormat is a great addition to any individuals home, and it is something that many individuals who love gaming will enjoy having. At an affordable price, this could also be a great gift for one of your friends or family members who happens to be into retro gaming. For a Final Fantasy fan, this could be one of the greatest gifts that they would be able to receive.