Magnetic Light Mine

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Sometimes it really feels impossible to get light into the right area. Turning on a light inside of a room might not work if the area you need to illuminate is hidden under something. Perhaps you are working on the underside of a car and you can't see anything, or maybe it is around an awkward corner. Even a flashlight might not prove beneficial based on the given angle. Instead of just blindly fumbling around though, there is another option. You can check out the Magnet Light Mine. This is a fantastic item that doesn't cost much and can really prove to be a lifesaver.

This mine is a circular light with 12 magnets attached throughout the external body of the mine by raised dimples. It really does give off the appearance of a mine you might see in the ocean during an old war movie or when playing the old Minesweeper computer game. Each of the 12 dimples has a very strong magnet on it. This way, it is possible to place the light mine really almost anywhere, and it is always going to produce light that can illuminate the area. Plus, because there is a magnet on every corner of the ball, it can be tossed at an area and the magnet is going to stick. This makes it all that more desirable and should help with the attaching of light.

The light bulb is an intensely bright LED and even if it is placed on the ground, the dimples raise the light up, so it acts as a tripod. For those times where you might need the added light in hard to reach locations, this is a great tool to have and it is going to offer exceptional lighting opportunities just about anywhere, no matter where you are.