Spock Business Card Holder

Spock Business Card Holder
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Live long, prosper, network! Whether you're a fan of the Original or the Next Generation, Commander Spock is one of the most memorable and oddly lovable characters in science fiction. Show your Trek pride at the office with this Spock Business Card Holder. Here is displayed his iconic Vulcan hand salute (which Leonard Nimoy invented himself). Fun for fans of Nimoy and Quinto alike.

Logically display your personal business card to visitors in the hand of your own personal First Officer. The card tucks neatly into a slot in the palm of the hand making it easy to read and prominently displayed. You can also fit several cards into the display. You could even use it to highlight a Star Trek themed birthday card or as a memorable table label at a party. Order online a lot? Stow your credit card within easy impulse purchase reach. If you spent an appreciable amount of time in middle school learning how to make your hands do this, you must own this item.

The famous Vulcan farewell "Live Long and Prosper" is written on the base in stand out letters. The whole thing has a nice sculpted bronze look. The details are spot on, even down to the Commander rank sleeve insignia.

With a weight of 1.3 lbs., the hand painted poly stone figure makes a solid addition to your deskscape that draws the eye and let's people know what you're about. At 6.5" x 4.5" it cuts the figure of a life size hand (albeit a somewhat small one.)

A great gift for people who want to be able to look over and get a quick reminder of Leonard Nimoy's work, get a little misty-eyed, then remember that Mr. Spock wouldn't approve of that sort of thing, raise one eyebrow and get back to the task at hand.