Zelda Triforce Hat

Zelda Triforce Hat
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A Hero of Time is usually seen
with a green and pointy hat,
but that's only tradition!
We don't all need that!

Hylia would like
for you to bear her sign,
and you could then become
the new Hero of Time!

Is this the most earth shatteringly awesome Zelda item ever? No. But, It is a very solid piece to add to anyone's Zelda collection.

As you can see from the picture, the hat's bill is grey and has embroidered stitching. There is a sticker on the bill. Some people really like to keep their stickers on their hats. I never do. I'm not sure why people do?

Also, as you can see, the Zelda Triforce is grey and emrboidered on. The rest of the hat is black, minus a small Triforce symbol which is embroidered on the back.

This is not a one-size-fits-all hat. It has an adjustable snap back. If your head is small or large, it will probably work just fine. This hat is not some illegal creation, it is an approved item.

A User Review For You: "I'm a pretty cool girlfriend. I bought this for my BF. He loves Zelda. When he opened up the gift, he was very pleased. He kept talking about how perfect it is. Whenever he needs a hat to wear, he chooses this Zelda one. Zelda fans that we have never met before compliment him on his hat. I'm really glad I bought this =0)"