Game Boy Laundry Hamper

Game Boy Laundry Hamper
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There's nothing quite like a classic, old-style Game Boy to inspire nostalgia in long-time gamers. It's the perfect reminder of days gone by and hours spent clicking away at those little buttons, the volume turned down low so as not to disturb other people in the room or in the car. Now, that classic Game Boy image can return to your home in the form of this Game Boy Laundry Hamper. The hamper has a sturdy design that will take everything you can throw at it--somewhat literally, if you're standing across the room and hurling your laundry at it. What could be better than this classic piece of decor in any bedroom, closet, or laundry room in your home?

Improve the Odds that Laundry Will Land in the Hamper

Do you have a child or spouse who struggles to get their laundry in the hamper where it belongs? When laundry day rolls around, do you spend half your time picking it up off of the floor even when there's a perfectly good hamper just inches away? With the Game Boy Laundry Hamper, you can turn the entire process into a game. Three points if it's all the way in the hamper! One point if it's hanging over the edge! Bonus points for laundry that is actually sorted and ready to be placed in the washer! Making it fun is a great way to convince young gamers to help with the laundry chores--even when they might not want to.

Add a Touch of Fun to Your Decor

One of the least fun things about being an adult is the fact that you rarely get to use cute, fun decorations anymore. Those things are supposed to be reserved for the kids' rooms. This laundry hamper, on the other hand, can be used in an adult room just as easily as a kid room. Why should they have all the fun? With this laundry hamper, you can join in, giving yourself the perfect chance to smile every time you do the laundry.

Transport Your Laundry More Easily

Just like the classic Game Boy was designed for travel (at least as long as you took plenty of batteries along), the laundry hamper that bears its image is specifically designed to make transporting your laundry easier than ever before. Simply use the handles on the sides to pick up the hamper, haul it into the laundry room (or to the laundromat or your mom's house--we don't judge!), and dump it into the washer or dryer. The sturdy design makes it easy to transport back and forth, so you can keep using it to hold your laundry for a long time to come.

Classic image, sturdy design, and it lets your geek side show: this laundry hamper is designed to hit all the right highs in its effort to provide you with a quality laundry experience. Check it out for yourself. All the cool kids are using them. Well, all the gamer kids, anyway.