Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

Millennium Falcon Cutting Board
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You may not be able to get the Kessel to Run in less than twelve parsecs, but you can chop your veggies on the ship that can with this Millenium Falcon cutting board. This fun kitchen implement is an officially licensed product, so you won't get in trouble with the law for owning it, unlike the ship's captain, Han Solo.

This chopping board is made of acrylic, which is sturdy and tough enough to withstand the sharpest knife in your kitchen. Dice and julienne fruits and vegetables without worrying about marring the surface. Hang the board on your kitchen wall after each use to proudly display your Star Wars fandom.

The bottom of the board has small feet on it to grip your counter, ensuring the board doesn't slip and fly into hyper drive mode. This is a great safety feature that helps prevent cuts and spills, bringing balance to the Force.

The board is in the shape of the Millenium Falcon and features lots of details from the movie ship, including the off white coloring that complements just about any kitchen decor. Among all the things you can see on this graphic replica are the Falcon's laser cannons, missile tubes, concussion missiles, hull and landing jets among other iconic items.

After you're done prepping your dinner, the board is ready for cleaning. The acrylic material ensures that food slides off with little effort, making it easy to clean and keep looking new.

This cutting board makes a great gift for the Star Wars fan in your life, or even just science fiction fans in general. It's also a great choice for a housewarming gift or for a college student who needs a few dorm necessities. Stock up on a few to keep on hands for gifting situations, and be sure to keep one for yourself to enjoy a taste of movie nostalgia.