Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight

Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight
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It isn't just adults who have to get up early in the morning to start their day. Even the youngest kids have places to be and things to do, and they need to learn how to both tell time and to handle their own alarm clocks. The Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight is a great tool for teaching your child both of these skills.

This clock has cute coloring and a rounded shape that makes it a cute addition to a kid's bedside table. But this clock isn't just a clock- it's also a nightlight with two colors. The clock stays yellow until it morphs into a soft green light in the morning. Parents can program the clock to shift to the green light at any time they choose. The green light indicates that it's "go" time- a time when it's ok leave the bed and wake up adults if desired.

To teach kids how to tell time, the clock talks to them and has a time game that allows kids to have fun as they learn about how to figure out the time from those numbers on the face. To drive home the lesson, the time is displayed in both the digital and analog methods.

For kids who already know how to tell time, the clock works as a regular alarm clock with a cute shape. The color of the feel can be changed out with three included bezels, each with a different color. And, the clock even has a snooze feature.