LEGO Digital Camera

LEGO Digital Camera
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Nearly every adult has played with Lego bricks during their youth. Everyone has built something that derives in their imagination, then have broken it down to build something new. Lego 3MP digital camera is one children and adults can both enjoy.

This camera retains the appearance of bricks most have designed with at one point in their life. The uniqueness of this camera is the colorful bricks that cannot be taken apart. Luckily, the creators of this camera know there is an inventors bone in every person, so they left three blocks reserved for extra brick building.

The bricks the owners add to their camera can easily be removed, and will not affect the digital camera. Although it appears to be a toy, this camera has 3MP resolution and a 1.5" LCD screen. The LCD screen allows the photographer to really focus on a picture before pressing the big blue button.

Brilliant high resolution photos can be taken day or night, because this camera has built in flash and automatic fixed focus. One of the best features is all photos can be downloaded onto a computer after the max of eighty pictures have be taken.

Constant store trips for batteries is no longer a worry for parents. The battery is built into the camera and will last for up to five hours.

The Lego camera is so easy to use a toddler could master snapping pictures, but because of the small parts it is recommended to be used by children seven and above. Parents can add this camera to their Lego collections to pass on to someone dear to them at a later time.

This camera can be further designed with Lego's to uniquely capture everlasting memories. All high resolution photos can be downloaded to a computer to free camera memory space. This is a gift that children and parents of all ages can enjoy.

This little camera is a great gift for kids, and is a fun way to introduce them to art and adventure of capturing memories with photos. Kids will love the freedom it gives them to be in charge of the picture taking. This LEGO digital camera is easy to use and comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged a USB cord.