Light Up Hoodie

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First, you just had to purchase the flashing children's shoes. Your kids wore nothing else. The night came alive with the sparkly shoes that danced and floated. Now there is a new glowing fantasy to make your kids the most popular around. The latest entry on the fashion runway is the light up hoodie. You'll want more than one. There's a style for any age group. Get in on this fashion statement, and you'll never go back.

Easy Controls For Glow In the Dark

You get to control the light show with a compact and unobtrusive battery pack. Safely concealed in its own snug and secure pocket, you won't know it's there. Whether it's a slow blinking light for strolling on the moonlit beach, or a faster sequence for active skateboarding or running, you're the boss.

It's Time To Power-Up

It takes two AA batteries to supply the energy. Rechargeable varieties are convenient to keep your light show flashing from 12 to 24 hours. Pop the batteries back into your charger pack, and you're ready to go again.

Laundry Time

The light up hoodie comes complete with easy-care instructions. A quick hand-wash or gentle machine-cycle is sufficient to keep your garment in like-new condition. Remember to remove the battery pack before washing for best results.

Where To Wear Your Light Show

If you're a kid, you may try to live in your strobing hoodie. You will be the one lighting up the bike trail or the skateboarding ramp. How about Halloween? Add this to your costume, and you'll be the envy of every goblin and princess on the candy trail. The sturdy fabric helps to ensure the kid-proof construction.

Popular With Teens and Adults

This clothing item is suitable for any age-group. Teens find it fashionable for social gatherings and sporting event. Don't stop with only one style hanging in your closet? Buy more and always be prepared for a fun adventure.