Arc Reactor Light-Up Coasters

Arc Reactor Light-Up Coasters
$17.95 on Amazon
Protecting your furniture or just adding fun to an awesome party is easier with these Arc Reactor light up coasters. This product is based on Marvel's Iron Man and the arc reactor in Tony Stark's chest. The coasters are available in a set of four. They were conceptualized and created by ThinkGeek and are officially licensed by Marvel.

The coasters operate off of two button cell batteries, which are included, along with two spare batteries. The coasters light up and glow for a period of five minutes before shutting off to conserve battery power. They are not pressure sensitive and do require toggling the on/off switch to get them to illuminate.

The coasters work best with clear or translucent cups and glasses. The blue, cold glow of the Arc Reactor projects through the bottom of the glass and changes the color of your preferred beverages. The coasters do not get warm because the coasters use LED lights and may be used with either hot or cold beverages. The coasters are waterproof, but should not be submerged into water.

People and kids of all ages like using the Arc Reactor coasters for more than setting their beverages on. They can be incorporated into your favorite party games, like beer pong in the dark. Turn on the coasters, set the cups on top and turn out the lights to see who can hit the cups in the dark. The coasters can be used to create your own custom Iron Man costume. Add flair to the interior of your automobile by using the coasters in the cup holders.

If you like painting or drawing, incorporate the coasters into the art work for unique finishing touches. They also make a great night light for kids to use to help light their way in the dark. The possibilities for the number of uses and amount of fun you can have with the Arc Reactor coasters are endless.