Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks
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You may have already infused an earth scientist's curiosity in your child with the beauty of polished natural gemstones. However, this new product, vivid and vibrant rock crayons, may also activate a natural artist.

What parent doesn't want to open new worlds of exploration in their child. Rock crayons inspire the imagination. These recent educational tools invite your tot to create his own artwork. Actually shaped like gemstones, they are designed for controlling hand manipulation.

Occupational Therapy

Developed by a teacher for special needs students with learning disabilities or developmental delays, they are valued by therapists. The size of this product is important. Under two inches, the pebble shape helps young children play while developing the hand muscles. Therefore, children rapidly progress to finer and more controlled motor skills. Schools and daycare groups find their popularity increasing.

Earth Friendly Soy Crayons

A renewable resource, the nontoxic soybean appears again. This time it's in your child's toy box, and it's an educational color-stick. Available in assorted vibrant colors, your "I'm bored" days may be over. The soft hues blend together smoothly when brushed with fingertips. Supply your youngster with this advanced product and expect the original masterpiece.

Bonding Time is Anytime

Not recommended for children under three, however, their size inspires parental participation. This only means that you spent more quality time with your progeny as you supervise and encourage creativity. Children need bonding time with parents, consequently, constructive activities build bridges to lifelong memories.